Ms Gloria Kukurije Adeyiga

Ms Gloria Kukurije Adeyiga is one of the members of the Governing Board of NORPRA. She is not only a research scientist with the Forestry Research Institute of Ghana with high level of expertise in agroforestry, environment, climate change and gender issues but also a consultant who has consulted for many national and international development agencies including the USAID.
She has over the years undertaken a number of research works and implemented projects including the Regreening Africa project aimed at reducing farmers vulnerability to climate change, improving livelihoods of smallholder farming households and addressing gender inequalities and imbalances in development interventions.
As a systems scientist, she applies the appropriate scientific tools in making assessments examination on how gender influences smallholder farming households’ food security at different scales. She equally employs surveys, role plays, qualitative interviews, household/community action support, and participatory mapping to gain in-depth knowledge of livelihood decisions pathways, and land use access and control dimensions. 
Ms Gloria holds MSc. Environmental Science from the University of Padova, MSc. Forest and Livelihoods from University of Copenhagen and is almost done with her PhD Agroforestry in Bangor University in the United Kingdom where her doctoral work focuses on mapping gendered transformation pathways across the parklands of northern Ghana.

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