About Us


Northern Patriots in Research and Advocacy (NORPRA) was incorporated on the 6th of February, 2007 to contribute to poverty eradication and sustainable development in Ghana through research, pro-poor public policy advocacy, promotion of peace and security and empowerment of poor, vulnerable and marginalized groups in underserved communities. NORPRA considers peace and security as key areas of poverty eradication and sustainable development. It conducts research for evidence-based public policy analysis, monitoring and advocacy to influence poor-friendly policies, resource allocation and transparency and accountability in public resource management in the areas of natural resource governance, agriculture, climate change, water, sanitation and hygiene for improved livelihoods of the poor. The organization also undertakes social enterprise development for economic empowerment of youth, women and persons with disability. NORPRA delivers on its core mandate with high level of professionalism and in partnership with both local and international partners that share in its vision of building a society without poverty, inequalities, injustice and insecurity.

Natural Resource & Governance
Agric & Sustainable Livelihoods

A Society without
1. Poverty
2. Inequalities
3. Injustice and
4. Insecurity.

NORPRA exists to research, advocate and empower  youth, women and persons with disability in underserved communities for poverty eradication and sustainable equitable development

Integrity: We are committed to building stakeholders’ confidence and trust in our activities to consolidate our credibility in research and policy advocacy gained over the years
 Inclusiveness: We are committed to including the excluded in the spirit of leaving no one behind in our equitable and sustainable development drive
Partnership. We value working in collaboration with others as individual organizations, networks and coalitions for shared knowledge and resources for  realization of our vision
Accountability: We demand openness and responsiveness of duty bearers in our activities and demonstrate same to our beneficiaries
Professionalism: We strongly value high level of ethical standards, scientific approach, competence, expertise, systems and procedures in the discharge of our core mandate with high sense of objectivity.
Non-partisan: We are committed to being an apolitical organization without loyalty, fear or favour to any political party in government in delivering our core mandate

We work to improve sustainable livelihoods of youth, women and persons with disability in mining communities by influencing increased participation of communities in decision-making, equitable sharing of mineral wealth and promoting transparency and accountability in mineral resource extraction and management
As part of efforts towards promoting transparency and accountability in natural resource governance, we engage in data collection and analysis of beneficial ownership and integrity screening of companies in the extractive sector.
We also advocate for respect and protection of the rights of mining communities guaranteed by the minerals and mining policies and legal frameworks.

1. Past: British Council, IBIS West Africa, UN-Habitat, USAID/Chemonics, St Francis Xavier University of Canada, Care International & SEND Ghana.
2. Current: ACEP, USAID GTI, Water Aid Ghana, GiZ and EITI

We promote agricultural-led transformation of farming communities for food security, employment and poverty reduction through influencing agricultural policy for increased public investment in the sector.
We engage in data collection and policy analysis, policy monitoring, community sensitization and training, use of procurement monitoring, community score cards, social audit and public expenditure tracking on agricultural projects and stakeholders’ engagement on transparency and accountability in agricultural resource governance and management.
We support sustainable livelihoods of communities by promoting agribusiness for improved productivity and incomes